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This course is designed to address the growing needs of manpower for drug-based Clinical Trials and Medical hospital organizations

Duration: 6 weeks (240hrs @ 40hrs/week)

Methodology: Instructor Led Training

Who should attend this course:

  • Software Professionals/ Biotechnologists
  • Graduate students of Sciences and Engineering
  • Software Professionals

Course contents:

  • Overview of how genomics is presently influencing medical research and health care
  • The relevance of the human genome project in disease research and therapy development
  • The role of public databases and computational methods for solving problems in medicine and biotechnology
  • Introduction to clinical trials
  • GMP and GLP
  • Data collection, storage, migration and analysis and report writing
  • Hospital records and reports
  • Internet medical diagnostic tools
  • Medical image archiving and analysis
  • Statistical applications (SAS)
  • Oracle clinical software